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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Let’s get you acquainted with Everyday Dinner Recipes!

My name is Julie. You may have heard of a blog called Table for Two. Well, Everyday Dinner Recipes is its sister!

Everyday Dinner Recipes was born out of my love for inspiring everyday home cooks with their daily dinner dilemmas.

I know how hard it can be to try to cook a homemade meal every night of the week. My ultimate goal is to help you answer the question, “what’s for dinner?” and to make dinner as painless as possible.

What’s the difference between Table for Two and Everyday Dinner Recipes?

Great question! I’ll help clarify.

Table for Two encompasses everything. Recipes (appetizers, dinners, desserts, side dishes, etc.), travel, lifestyle, and more.

Everyday Dinner Recipes hones in on dinner. Simply put – this is a dinner only recipe website. No frills, no fluff. Just dinner!

Does that mean Table for Two will cease to have dinner recipes?

No! Think of TFT and EDR as two separate dinner resources for you.